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My Organic Child is a hub for organic style, natural parenting and conscious living for modern mums. We provide a community for like minded not-so-crunchy, semi-crunchy and full blown granola parents who aspire to live more mindfully.
We have also scoured the planet to find connect you to the very best organic + eco styles and brands that are hard to find just anywhere and put them in one place in our especially curated directory.

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Sig x

Organic + Eco living and brands - but not as you know 'em

I’m Sugandha (call me Sig!) and I’m so glad you are here.
I’m a writer, aspiring yogi, lapsed runner, mama to a cheeky almost 4-year old boy and 9 month terror baby girl, wisdom + spiritual seeker, ex-Chemistry nerd from Melbourne, Australia turned certified holistic health + mindset coach who swapped her high heels for freedom, loves dodgy jokes, has a soft spot in her heart for 90′s teenage boybands and cannot live without her daily coffee! 
These days I call myself a baby, kids + mama "eco-brands hunter".
When I was pregnant with my second baby Layla (after the Eric Clapton song of course), it suddenly hit me about the kind of mother I wanted to be. The calm, gentle, earth-mother that never got ruffled at the sight of her offspring eating dirt and floated through life all glow-y and full of energy.
(I'm still working on that.)
But seriously, what really hit me was the sudden awareness of the kind of world I wanted to live in and leave to my children. I've always felt the weight of the world and done what I can in my own way - but I knew I wanted to make a bigger difference.  Something that I could do immediately was taking the knowledge behind the conventional fashion industry and using that to truly make a difference with my shopping choices. Because we can totally vote with our dollars.
I've always had a passion for everything natural (I'm even a certified holistic health coach!) and struggled to find a place where I could learn more about a natural style of living and parenting AND shop for the kinds of things I wanted. I couldn't believe how many awesome organic and eco brands there were online but I had to go to each and every one to find what I was looking for. With a fiesty pre-schooler and newborn - I just didn't have the time to do that AND be a glowy earth-mother.
Turns out, I wasn't the only one felt this way.
Like you, I want the best for our children and for ourselves. So I took the jump and started this website to create just that - a community and a directory.

The Directory.

The directory was created to make it easier for mamas seeking stylish organic clothing + eco/natural products to search and connect with awesome brands that fit into our strict guidelines of being kind. Kind to the planet, the workers and kind to our bodies, home + health.
We love small businesses. We prefer Aussie made and/or owned.
In particular our directory gravitates towards brands that use soft materials, organic cottons or other fabrics, and non-toxic dyes and inks that are gentle on the skin. And, we make a conscious effort to showcase items produced ethically in small factories local to the brand, are cruelty-free, are eco-friendly, made from sustainable or recycled materials,  personally handmade, or are part of a system that serves the communities of the local people who make them.
For me, the biggest thing I can teach my kids is to be kind. And it starts with us. 
Browse our brands here.


The Community

It's true what they say - you need a village to raise a child. But I also passionately believe, you need a village to raise + support women as mothers. The My Organic Child Mindful Mama community is that village.
We share our favourite resources and tips here on the blog about anything relating to gentle parenting, holistic health + wellness, eco and non-tox living, creativity + motherhood and mindful living while trying to find balance in the chaos.
You can sign up below to join the community and get notified of new posts, special deals and offers from our featured brands and upcoming wellness events near you.
When you join you also get access to our private Facebook group to connect with other like-minded mamas who are curious, want to know more or just want to find their village. Also we share our fave organic + eco finds and the cool stuff we're loving.

The Essential Oils

We're also hugely proud to be Wellness Advocates for doTerra Essential oils (see why here: http://myorganicchild.com/essentialoils) and are passionate about sharing how to use them in your everyday life to support, nourish + simplify your wellness and life.

If you have a business in health/wellness such as stocking natural products (both online and offline), yoga studio, chiropractor, wellness blogger or health coach/nutritionist, click here to find out more how we can partner together to  introduce a fantastic accompaniment to your business that is not only ethically + sustainably sourced, but provides a natural solution to your customer's/client's problems.

Simply, they have changed my life. And I would love to help them change yours.

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Touch the earth gently, for ALL is connected.
Only in the darkness can you see the stars
Martin Luther King Jr
For beautful eyes, look for the good in others; For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.
Audrey Hepburn
The future depends on what you do today
Mahatma Gandhi