12 eco-friendly Mothers day gift ideas under $100

What do Mums really want?

Honestly – a sleep-in and a bit of me-time coupled with a great meal is what I’d go for.

But if by looking at the shops gives you any indication, it clearly seems that Mums all around the world are in dire need of yet more mugs and coffee cups (and maybe some flannel pjs. Urgh.).

It’s hard finding a gift that sums up the awesomeness that mums (and carers!) are. So many things get tossed away, or put aside (we all have that ONE gift sitting in the back of our cupboard) and it’s not that great for the environment.

But we’ve put together a list of eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts that thoughtful and unique enough that Mums will be happy to get them – and – they all are either eco-friendly, ethical, natural/organic or give back to the community in some way.

Bonus – they are all under $100

1// For the Natural DIY mum - DIY Beauty Kit

Every woman wants to feel beautiful. Unfortunately, many fail to look at the ingredients of their beauty products. Save Mum the trouble and DIY your own array of beauty products free of chemical preservatives and artificial fragrances.

Gorgeous balms, scrubs, facial masks and lotions are super simple to make. Make them fresh, with all natural ingredients and pop on a cute handmade label to create a basket of beauty that is truly unique.

Check out Biome’s new Naked Beauty Bar at their Balmoral store where you can bring in your own glass containers and buy the natural raw ingredients in bulk (or just the amount you need) or buy online.

In this section you can find lots of raw ingredients to make beautiful natural skin care products yourself at home. Some of the ingredients include activated charcoal, bentonite clay, Australian pink clay. shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, candelilla wax (vegan), magnesium flakes, castor oil, 100% pure essential oils and lots more.

DIY Skin Care Raw Ingredients start from $2.95

2// For the on the go mum - Reusable Water Bottles

Time to toss plastic water bottles away and grab Mum a stainless steel water bottle to refill anytime.  You'll taste the difference when you're drinking from the BPA-free lid and pure grade stainless steel bottle.

You are not only helping save the planet but also saving yourself and your children from harmful chemicals that leach from plastics.

We love these 500ml Stainless steel bottles with carry cover from Flora and Fauna.

And if water bottles aren’t her thing – how bout these some Stainless steel reusable drinking straws?

These reusable straws are easy to clean using the included brush, and because you aren't throwing them away, you'll be doing your part to keep harmful plastics out of landfills and from littering beaches.

Stainless Steel 750ml Water Bottle plus Cover - $49.00

3// For the sophisticated mum - Organic Wine

While usually there needs no occasion for wine, Mother’s Day is a great excuse for a cheeky glass or two. You can buy a selection of organic, vegan and bio-dynamic wines from your local Dan Murphy’s, but for a massive range to suit anyone’s taste, check out Organic Wines. They even have tasting packs, hampers and gift cards if you really can’t make up your mind.

Delivery is Australia wide and usually within 2-5 working days.

Martin Zahn Alsace Organic Riesling 2015 - $35.00 ($26.00 in a mixed case of 12)

4// For the mum who needs a cuppa - Organic Teas/Fairtrade Coffee Lovers Basket

Surprise your mum with a specially put-together basket of her favourite teas and/or selection of fair-trade coffee beans.

Here are some our favourite fair trade certified suggestions:

Ethical Coffee Company - Espresso Supreme - $7.95

Pukka Herbal Tea Collection - $7.95

Golden Grind Turmeric Blend Coconut & Cacao - $19.95

5// For the Everyday mum - Organic Cotton tee-shirt

Organic cotton is known to be gorgeously soft and luxurious – what better way to pamper Mum than with an ethically produced, eco-friendly organic cotton t-shirt?

We love these Urban tees from Annukka in Byron Bay on sale now at just $49! (RRP$89.00)

Focusing on everyday wearable classics, a timeless colour palate and relaxed silhouettes, their clothes are proudly Australian made and accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

Grab them fast!


6// For the Green thumb mum - As green as it gets

What’s more eco-friendly than getting close to Nature? Arrange for Mum to spend the day out of the house and plant a garden in her backyard. Whether you choose flowers or her favourite veggies, it will definitely surprise her and bonus is that it will last for months (and even years!) to come.

Make the ultimate cuppa with this organic Herbal Tea Patch gardening Kit from Planet Eco. With four different fragrant seed types, this kit makes it easy for herbal tea lovers to grow their own.

Herbal Tea Patch Kit - grow your own herbal teas at home - $19.95

We also love these seed subscriptions from Easy Come Easy Grow – Family Garden Life have a great Mothers Day promotion – use code FGLMOTHERS at checkout to get 30% off on a 3 month subscription (PLUS 1 x extra pack of seed in the first month!).


Easy Come Easy Grow 3 month seed subscription - $29.00

7// For the mama that needs some Me-time

Hampers and boxes are a great way to bundle up a few of her favourite things and treat her to some luxe organic and natural products.

Some of our favourites include:

Create your own box – The Natural Gift Box Co

Choose a selection of products to help relax body and mind to make a personalised gift for your Mum. We love the Uplift gift box which also includes a gift card, which can be personalised if sending direct as a gift.

Uplift Natural Gift Box - $50.00

Like a Queen Care Package - Little Minx Milestones

Comes with a copy of Constance Hall’s “Like a Queen” acclaimed book paired with a range of nurturing organic and natural pampering products.

Right Royal Gift box - $89.00

Healthy Mind, Body + Spirit Box - Living Organic Co

The Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit hamper creates healthy harmony and balance of her mind, body and spirit.

It features the book 'Make Peace With Your Plate by Jessica Ainscough', yummy, healthy snacks and superfoods and a Perfect Potion Chakra Balancing Mist to provide harmony and balance to her body, soul, mind and spirit.

Healthy Mind, Body + Spirit Box - $99.00

8// For the natural mum - Essential Oils pack

Consider an eco-friendly line of essential oils for mom to use in her beauty products, her homemade cleaning products or just to diffuse in her space.

We love doTerra oils for a whole range of reasons, but mainly because they are pure and use a sustainable eco-sourcing model called co-impact sourcing which means they ethically source the oils from the country where they grow naturally and the farmers are paid a fair wage.

If you are interested in grabbing some awesome oils check them out here.

Some ideas on how use the oils:

  • Create a spa basket – You can use essential oils to build a personalized spa basket for your Mum on this special day. Take her favorite scents and combine them in a nice basket with other spa items and her favorite lotions or creams. She will love it.

(We love doTerra’s Balance grounding blend, Lavender Peace calming blend and Citrus Bliss invigorating blend)

  • Homemade essential oils beauty products – You can make so many great things with essential oils like a muscle rub for relaxing after long days, or a homemade perfume. This is a more grown-up version of the homemade gifts you used to give Mum for Mother’s Day.

(We love doTerra’s Ice Blue athletic blend, Frankinscence  or Whisper for perfume)

  • Diffuser jewelry – When regular jewelry just won’t do, consider getting your Mum essential oil diffuser jewelry. She can wear her beautiful jewelry while also enjoying her favorite oils.
  • Cooking oils – If your mother loves to spend time in the kitchen, consider giving her some essential oils that are good for cooking like dill, basil, fennel, thyme, rosemary and more.
  • Sugar scrubs – These are very popular, and for good reason, and you can make them with essential oils for that added something refreshing your Mum needs.

Select a few of her favourites and gift them to her in this gorgeous oil box from Lhami:

Essential Oil box - Holds 4 bottles of essential oil - $19.95

9// For the chocoholic mum – Fairtrade Organic Chocolate

Mother’s Day is a time for moms to indulge, and what better way than to enjoy a sweet treat. How about putting together a chocolate basket made from organic materials?

This would go great with the Tea/Coffee hamper or paired with the Wine.

We love the Pana Chocolate I love You Gift box

Pana Chocolate I Love You Gift Box - $29.90

And if she is a serious chocoholic, why not get her the ultimate chocolate recipe ebook to make it herself!

Forget 50 shades, try 69 shades!! (Oh. Just realised that might be worse??)

69 decadent, healthy chocolate treats designed to satisfy any craving! By nutritionist Cyndi O’Meara and Kim Morrison. Loads of gluten free and dairy free recipes to choose from (also Thermomix and traditional methods too).

69 Shades of Chocolate Recipe e-Book - $14.97

10// For the eco-curious mum

Maybe your Mum thinks that being eco-friendly is all about wearing hemp and going barefoot with flowers in your hair and slathering coconut oil on EVERYTHING.

Why not give her some gifts that will encourage Mum to reuse in her daily life (and help the environment while she’s at it) and help her stay green all year long.

  • Coffee lover – why not get her a reusable glass keep cup for her takeaway coffee?
  • Always losing her coins? – this gorgeous wallet is Vegan, Cruelty Free, Ethical and Very Stylish
  • Loves to shop? Help her reduce her environmental impact with these reusable cotton mesh produce bags. Other uses include: drying fresh herbs, sprouting, making nut milk, making chutneys, camping, dry produce from bulk store and toiletry travel bags.

Keep Cup medium glass cup cork band - $30.00

Urban Originals Spellbound Wallet Nude - $39.95


11// For the pampered mum

There’s nothing like a good soak in the bath to feel relaxed and recharged. And if she can’t get to the spa for her pamper fix, adding some luxe magnesium bath salts is the best way to experience some at-home healing for those sore muscles and joints.

We love the Caim and Able White Label – Coconut and Lime Bath Salts. With a tropical blend of summery scent of coconut and the sharp, citrus aroma of lime, it is perfect for those days you need a helping hand to unwind and soothe your mind and body.

Pure Bliss!


Coconut & Lime Magnesium Bath Salts - $19.95

12// For the mum who cares

For a lot of mums this Mother’s Day, it means a day of loneliness and fear as they struggle with homelessness, refuge from domestic violence or mental illness.

Why not give your Mum the gift that keeps on giving?

We love Modibodi’s fashionable, comfortable, highly technical underwear, designed to empower women by protecting them against life’s annoying but very common unmentionables – sweat, light bladder leaks, menstrual onset, menstrual overflow/spotting, discharge, odour and breast milk leaks.

Give mum a gift card to Modibodi and she can pick her own set.

Use the code 'ROCKYOURBODI' at checkout for free shipping on your first order as well.


Modibodi Bamboo Underwear - starts from $23.50

But even more so, we love their commitment to giving back.

From their site:

“1 in 100 women are homeless in Australia and there are 1,000s of women living in shelters across Australia. Faced with little money, these women cannot afford feminine hygiene, and so are forced to protect themselves from their monthly period and bladder weakness with bits of newspaper or bulky rags.

As a company who sells reusable, cost-effective period and leak-proof underwear we wanted to help, and so we are selling our underpants at a discounted rate of $20 (save $7.50) for customers to purchase. We will arrange for the underwear to be put directly in the hands of a woman living in a shelter.”

Purchase a Share the Dignity voucher in her name and know that you are helping other women (and Mums!) out there as well.


Hope that you find some inspiration here!

Choose as many items from the list above as you like and wrap using some recycled paper,or natural wrapping paper and ribbon you have a thoughtful, eco-friendly gift basket that your Mum is sure to love!

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