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We are basically a bunch of semi-hippy types with a love of all things organic, natural and kind to the planet. And our readers (and your potential customers!), like us, crave styles and brands that are not only beautiful in design but are born from the hearts of people that want to do good for our children, ourselves and the world.

Our listings are handpicked and exclusive - we gravitate towards soft and natural materials, organic cottons or other fabrics, and non-toxic dyes and inks that are gentle on the skin. And, we make a conscious effort to showcase businesses that items produced ethically in small factories local to the brand, are eco-friendly + sustainable, personally handmade, or are part of a system that serves the communities of the local people who make them.

Here's the thing - we're just a little bit selective about who we feature. Okay, maybe a lot.

BUT....this is because we provide our audience with the greatest trust that the brands we showcase are truly kind to the planet and everyone involved so they can purchase with full confidence.

All of our listed brands and vendors have to meet our strict guidelines.

So, here's the lowdown on what we're really about:

  1. We only feature brands and businesses that meet at least TWO of the following categories - organic, natural, ethical/fairtrade, australian made or owned, eco/sustainable, cruelty-free/vegan or non-toxic.
  2. If it's organic - we prefer it to be certified  (GOTS, OEKO-TEX, Aus Organic etc)
  3. We LOVE small businesses. So if you make it, own it or are an up and coming biz - we'd love to have you.

Got all that?

If you have a high-quality eco/organic business that specializes in clothing + accessories for either baby, kids or mama, bedding + decor, natural toys, organic beauty + care etc and you would like to join our collection and gain exposure in this niche market then please contact us via the form below for a copy of our media kit.  Please check out our Terms and Conditions before submitting your listing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the My Organic Child Team.




We're exclusive. (Not like that swanky hipster club, but just as cool)

Listing on our exclusively curated directory means you are getting in front of a whole new audience.

This is the first exclusive directory solely for organic + eco brands that service babies, children and mamas.

This means you don't get lost in the sea of hundreds of eco-brands out there on the interwebs -  you can get your business out there in front of thousands of new customers who are searching our directory each month for brands that meet their desire for organic + eco products for their children and themselves.

(Not sure if we used the word exclusive enough. Here's one more time for giggles - ex-cluuuu-sive)


Our directory listing packages come with a whole range of cool inclusions. All listings on our directory include a business description, images, social media links and product images. The directory itself is super easy to navigate and customers can then purchase directly from you.


We like to show you off. So be prepared for our monthly feature where we choose different brands and boutiques to be front and centre on our home page – yours could be next!

You can also choose to upgrade your listing package where you can take advantage of our growing social network and readership and get:

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List with us from only $9.95 each month and we do all the hard work in promotion for you. That's less than one fairtrade coffee a week.

With promotion across social media and advertising, it's a no-brainer and cost-effective spend. Relax with a green juice (or wine - no judgement!) knowing that your business is being promoted for you (by us!)