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About Moonlit Sleep

When we were expecting our first child we knew nothing about babies, but we did know that we wanted products that would be safe and healthy. We began researching everything from organic foods and fabrics, to how to more safely clean our home. We made so many changes! We bought some gorgeous organic cotton baby clothes and were given some super cute hand-me-downs, but we were shocked when we couldn’t find any organic cotton sheet sets in stylish designs.

We wanted good quality organic cotton sheets, but we wanted them to be stylish and fashionable as well. We wanted the sheets to be a feature in the room, rather than being “beige” and plain. So, drawing on my 15 years experience in the fashion industry, we decided to design our own in unique prints that we LOVE. Moonlit Sleep was born!

All our products are certified organic to the GOTS standard. This is your assurance that they have been produced ethically and to the highest global organic standards. We use only eco-friendly dyes, which are free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals. We don't use any nasty chemical finishes such as anti-wrinkle or flame retardants, so our cotton is pure and gentle, even on the most delicate skin. We're truly passionate about creating healthier, safer options to help create a sustainable world for our children and generations to come.

It's important to us that our organic bedding is affordable for as many families as possible. We're proud to be offering our organic cotton sets at comparable prices to non-organic brands of a similar quality.... We believe this needs to be the way forward! We price our products at fair, reasonable prices all year round, so you can shop at our on-line store with confidence.


We created Moonlit Sleep for our children. We'd LOVE to share it with you and your little ones, so you can ENJOY it as much as we do.

Sweet Dreams in Organic Cotton xxx

our favourite products

Organic Cotton bassinet fitted sheet - Amethyst Floral Fiesta

Safari Doona/Quilt Cover - Single Bed

Organic Cotton Pillowslip - Treetop Dreams

Green + Clean

As a company we emulate the same green loving lifestyle that we live at home with our kids!! We LOVE being green!!!

Check out what WE do to promote Health and Sustainability here:

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GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

All our bedding is ethically made from GOTS certified organic cotton and coloured with non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes. Kind on the earth and gentle on baby's sensitive young skin.

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