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Lactation Mixes & Post Birth Healing Foods

Milk Mama was founded by a mother who is passionate about natural and holistic lifestyle. With an emphasis on breastfeeding and postpartum practices from around the world, these products aim to help women transition into motherhood with a little bit more ease. Her own quest for natural, healthy milk promoting foods brought about the breastfeeding mixes. Experiencing the practice of 40 days (or confinement period) post birth brought about the MATA products in the range.

Our lactation cookie and smoothie mixes are easy to prepare and store. Our ingredients include natural ‘Galactagogues’ or milk enhancing foods that have been known to promote milk supply in nursing mothers. Combined with other healthy elements and the option of customizing your very own “wet” ingredients, these snacks are great to have in your pantry or freezer and consume as required.

MATA ("Mother" in Sanskrit) products are for all mothers. Based on ancient recipes rooted in Eastern Philosophies (Ayurveda and beyond) these products bring together spices and foods from the Middle East, India and beyond. The healing elements in these products are prominent in cultures that practice Confinement/40days postpartum; a period to 'Mother the Mother'. To support, love, nourish, pamper, feed, restore and prepare her for the journey ahead.

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our favourite products

chia & quinoa flakes

masala chai (caffeine free)

oats & coconut flakes

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