How is a product certified Organic

Organic textiles can be made from cotton, wool and even bamboo or hemp. In order to achieve organic certification, the fibre must be of certified organic origin. Simply put, a cotton or bamboo operation has to have been managed in accordance with the organic standards (no prohibited chemicals used) for more than 3 years. Wool must come from certified organic sheep (no prohibited chemicals used on the land for more than 3 years and the animal also raised in accordance with the standards).

Spinning, yarning, dyeing and garmenting are also required to be certified organic if the final product (e.g. t-shirt, socks etc) is to wear a “certified organic” label. Apart from the issue of needing a certified organic factory in order to maintain the certified status, generally, the most challenging part to gaining certification is the dyeing process.

If the garments are imported from overseas and already carry a widely known organic certification in another country, ACO assesses the international organic requirements and confirms whether it is up to standard with our own.

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Organic Baby Clothes – why it matters (and how to afford them!)

When I had my first baby, we were lucky enough to have friends and family that passed down beautiful hand-me-downs and bought us gifts (with the inevitable shopping splurge on cute onesies of course!) that we didn’t need to buy much new. I tended to buy second hand as well and was cool with that given knowing how quickly babies grow.

After coming back from living in the UK and having my second baby Layla soon after, I pulled out all of my son’s old clothes and realised only a few were salvageable, most of them being the wrong season – the rest I gave to my sister who had a newborn baby boy.

Since I knew I’d need to replace most of the baby clothes anyway, I did what most new mums do in the wee hours of the night while feeding a newborn – online shopping. I started digging a little deeper into what actually made up most clothing.

And quite honestly – was a bit shocked.

But cotton is good for our kids! Right?

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